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I did some major retail damage this weekend…(This is what law school does to you!  There’s never time to go shopping, so when free time does open up, all my suppressed shopping need just pours out!)

I bought…

1) A pair of light brown boots (the lining on my old pair ripped :(, so naturally I needed new ones) and a pair of Sperrys (my old ones were gross);

2) A dress for work from Ann Taylor, a J. Crew oxford shirt and cable knit sweater vest, and a polo from Rugby;

3) Lilly!  McKims, a cashmere shell, and a child’s fleece jacket that fits PERFECTLY (the ONLY perk to being small);

4) A pair of leggings, grey cords, and brown cords- all from Ann Taylor;

5) A julep cup (polished now, looks brand new), Catching Fire (the only HG book I was missing), and a tile (wouldn’t it be cute as a part of a backsplash in my future kitchen?);

6) A little school spirit…I needed a new decal for my car since the old one is coming off, and I couldn’t resist a cute little Griffin mascot, perfect for my desk at work!

7) Finished the day off with a dark chocolate cupcake…love the peacock motif!

  • 19 February 2012
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